Talent scout by vocation

From 1991 to 2006 OPOS, a reality engaged in the research and promotion of young designers and their work, organized and produced the contest named Opos Under 35, from which well-known designers of the current Italian scene emerged successively. From 2002 to 2006 JoeVelluto participated in the Opos exhibition with research and reflection projects on the assigned themes.


Talent scout per vocazione

Dal 1991 al 2006 OPOS, realtà impegnata nella ricerca e valorizzazione dei giovani designer e del loro lavoro, ha organizzato e prodotto il concorso Opos Under 35, dal quale sono emersi successivamente noti designer del panorama italiano attuale.
Dal 2002 al 2006 JoeVelluto partecipa alle esposizioni di Opos con progetti di ricerca e riflessione sui temi assegnati.

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2002 - 2006


Year 2002 - “Under 35” RosAria - disposable rosary

Year 2003 - “Water” Razione H2O - water bag rations for a consciousness use/consume

Year 2004  - “New Agriculture” Agrifitness - gym equipment based on farmers’ gestures

Year 2004 - “New Agriculture” Perfect World - transgenic seeds envelopes

Year 2005  - “Made for China” Mandarino - new mafia stickers

Year 2006 - “Transformer” ABC Keyboard - callygraphic keyboard for pc

Year 2006  - “Transformer” Pimp my (Ikea) Chair - Ikea basic chair,  low rider customized

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