UseLess is More

A new critical view of design around industrial products and their functionality


Starting from an anonymous chair, the essential parts that constitute its function, are extracted: the seat and the backseat. The result is a “Partial Chair”. The chair becomes partially unusable representing therefore a dysfunction.

The two extracted parts are contextualized in another space obtaining consequentially one more object that contains the essence its function, but at the same time, it turns into partially unusable, and so partially useless. “Disfunction Chair”. The design system keeps producing objects the world is already saturated with, and for that reason superfluous. With “UseLess is More” the projects are constituted by functionality (the heart of the industrial object) but intentionally declares their partially uselessness. The object is presented through its contradiction generating a different though. The Contr-Ad(d)i(c)tion present in every works, it’s something that remove while adding, generating the new expression “UseLess is More”.


tag #adesign #function #dysfunction #meaning #contradiction


Solo exhibition


Solo exhibition in collaboration with TURN, curated by Beppe Finessi, Palazzo Bertalazone di San Fermo, Turin – Italy, 2008; exhibition part of Turin’s 2008 World Design Capital.

collective exhibition 54 th Biennale di Venezia, Italian Pavillion, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Villa Contarini (Padua) – Italy, 2011

collective exhibition “New Generation Festival”, curated by Vanni Scapin, Palazzo Pisani, Lonigo (Vicenza) – Italy, 2015

catalogue “UseLess is More” distributed by Corraini Edizioni; “Biennale di Venezia” catalogue, ed. 2011

photo Matteo Sandi
video Marco Chiurato
performance Domenico Patassini
Partners Pigreco; ArtiGraficheBassano

P.I. 04136910249
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