Salefino breaks the mold from “classical” design books. It’s the first book dedicated to italian designers of “the new generations post-masters”.


It introduces the work of 4 realities of new Italian design, which have a similar project philosophy in common: it is a book that tells the story of design, through graphics, illustrations with mixed techniques and photography, bringing out and interpreting the concept upon which every design project is based.
Salefino introduces a design technique dressed with sagacity, to enjoy after having tasted the product. Salt. That extra touch that gives the project a spirit steeped with poetic quality, the communication of messages and emotions. Appetizing, pungent projects, born of the observation of daily gestures and the behaviour of people, inspired by commonplace beliefs, defects and simple functions.
At Salefino design is not just industrial, but also visual, where graphics are the protegonist, to recount, describe and accompany, through visual and tactile sensations, thanks to the “hybrid” printing technology, the special “flexbind” binding and the pages in mixed material such as paper, transparent PVC and removable electrostatic material.
The clothing company SealKay Intedependent was a partner in launching the project, realising the promotional “Antipanic Solution” gadget: a small piece of fabric from which 6 garments can be made in an emergency situation.


Print: 5 colors hybrid print, UV varnish
Materials: matte paper, pvc, electrostatic pvc, die-cutting
Dimensions: 28 x 24 cm
Binding: “flexibind system” - melled block, back sticked with PUR glue
Pages: 132
Language: italian/english
Photo: Matteo Sandi
Partners: Sealkay Independent
Year: 2005
Publisher: Abitare Segesta Edizioni
Preface: Beppe Finessi

P.I. 04136910249
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