JVLT014 Motorbike

Straddle the seat. Turn on the lights. Uncork the tank. Count the kilometres.

If the soul of design is mass production, the custom’s one is personalization. 
In this project, the design of objects for mass production meets the uniqueness of custom, where an object normally produced in a large scale, is removed in its entirety, analyzing and re-interpreting each component, and then reassembled as totally new and unique. The motorbike is inspired by the world of furniture, to become an object to be admired and freezing its mobile nature in immobile. 
The motorbike, normally a symbol of mobility that zip fast and inebriate the pilot of freedom, is now immobile to radicalize the vision of the custom.


tag #motorbike #custom #furniturestyle #disruptive


JVLT014 Motorbike

custom motorcycle


exhibition collective exhibition, Triennale di Milano, Milan Design Week, 2014

partner NorthEastCustom

photo Marco Peruzzo

P.I. 04136910249
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