One material, one thickness, multiple products.
Designing multiple pieces of furniture with only a laminate plated material, a constant thickness and variable colors, with the intentions of reducing the cost of production. These are the premises with which Happy kitchen was born, realized in two version(s):  monobloc or modular-pieces. The modules are 3 and they can be used in different ways like pantry or dishware storages or performing basic kitchen functions like washing, cooking or storage/pantry. Every kitchens can be transformed: every module it’s a finished, free-standing and independent furniture, freely locatable and approachable wherever you want. Matchable to the kitchen there are two more container modules: “Happy family” storage module usable as a free standing furniture or alongside to other modules (which are incorporated in the same furniture) composing a multi-storage furniture and “Marshmallows”, a rotable storage/bookshelf.
tag #kitchen #module #versatile #colorful #young #bookshelf #rotable #containers


Cesare Roversi Arredamenti
photo Riccardo Urnato Studio, Miro Zagnoli

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