Real beauty has become a form of provocation and design just another form of mass communication.


The future of design is the death of design itself, as we have always intended to.

The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness about the present situation: for those who thinks that designer’s work is “fun” and “cool” which has nothing to do with the real job, on the contrary!

In addition to that, funcooldesign® criticizes a design made of nothing, just chit-chat, aesthetic (cosmetics), marketing, communication campaigns… things that too often go beyond the project and the meaning of the project.

funcooldesign® intention is to turn away from design, while facing it, or looking it from the past. The objects of the exhibition are “quotes”, and we all know that quotes are gathered only by those who knows who or what the quote are about.

The impossibility to decide, doubt or uselessness, are starting points aiming to provoke a question on the real meaning of design.


tag #fun #cool #design #form #beauty #marketing #aesthetics #meaning


funcooldesign ®
solo exhibition


exhibition Solo exhibition curated by Oliviero Toscani, Triennale Design Museum, Milan – Italy, project “MINI & Triennale Creative Set”, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico

photo Oliviero Toscani, Gianluca Menti

P.I. 04136910249
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