Future generations will be living our today world.
Transfering Experience and Thoughts to a training program is a big responsibility.


Contribute following the next generations through a critical thoughts is our duty in a moment where school system are at the contrary, abandoning even more that knowledges, essential to keep the creativity alive. It’s through a good training that imaginations, empathy to others and critical thoughts make us able to see people as alive human beings and not objects. Creativity is not at the service of any ideology: imaginations exceed the boundaries of the existant, the logics and see things in a new way.


We collaborate with:
Free University of Bozen, La Sapienza University – Rome, Scuola Italiana Design – Padua, IUAV – Venice, NABA – Milan, ISIA – Faenza, Polytechnic University of design – Milan, Domus Academy – Milan, Istituto Marangoni – Milan, CUOA – Vicenza, Polimoda – Florence, Scuola Internazionale di Comics – Padua.

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