“Form does not differ from Emptiness, and Emptiness does not differ from Form;
Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form.”

(Heart Sutra – Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo)

“design+zen” format consist in a series of workshops and meetings, open to designers and companies, with the aim of “exploring changes”. During this workshops, new scenarios and ideas are built. Starting from reading “Koan” – a kind of query-enigma from whom people are invited to solve – it comes to generate “paradoxal objects”, where comes to fruitions new and surprising points of views.


“Zen is a very creative methodology that I use to put a strain in all our logical and conceptual principles to bring you to “be” and “think” in a very different way, yours. Your way that you don’t rationally knows. Zen can helps to have new visions: this is the reason why I chose to put it in relations with design”
(Andrea Maragno – JoeVelluto Studio founder)



Workshop & Seminary DESIGN+ZEN

2018/2019 – Fabrica Circus (Benetton Communication Research Centre), Treviso - Italy

2018 – Fabrica (Benetton Communication Research Centre), Treviso - Italy

2018 – Domus Academy, Milan - Italy

2017 – Brera Design Days, Milan - Italy

2017 – ISIA, Faience - Italy

2017 – Scuola Italiana Design, Summer Workshop, Padua - Italy

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