Amen Lumen


“Give me a bright idea, blessed lamp!”


A lot of people on pilgrimage at Milan Design Week, are looking for sparks and inspirational ideas, relentless run through the streets of the design, touching all the unavoidable “stations”. In collaboration with Maestro Alessandro Mendini, we propose the milestone “station” of this pilgrimage: the exhibition ‘Amen/Lumen’ at the MARS space in Milan. Anyone who comes will be able to reach the goal and find the real Enlightenment.


tag #lighting #ideas #pilgrimage #research #lamp


Amen Lumen
Solo exhibition


exhibition Solo exhibition with Alessandro Mendini, curated by Beppe Finessi, MARS space, Milan – Italy, Milano Design Week
main partner ETHICled
photo Marco Peruzzo, Domus magazine photographer

P.I. 04136910249
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